14-day and 28-day options

Free Intro (Local): Tuesday April 4th, 7pm-8:15pm MT, Boulder, CO

Free Online Intro: Saturday April 8th, 9am-10:15am ET, 17:00-18:15pm Istanbul, Turkey

 West Coast - Please contact Deniz to set up an online Cleanse introduction. 

Guided by Wellness Coach, Chef and Hands on Energy Practitioner Deniz Dinler

What it is:

A gradual, whole-body cleanse with wholesome, clean food.

What it is not:

A fast, or a weight-loss program.

Why do we cleanse?

 90% of the cells in the human body are microbe. 

Our human cells are out numbered 9:1 by microbes. As Jeff Leach of the Human Food Project describes; "making us more microbe than mammal - a super organism, thus making the human body best viewed as an eco-system." For the human eco-system to function properly, we rely on beneficial microbes.

 To name a few things, studies have shown, our beneficial gut microbes are responsible for; 

They help regulate blood sugar levels, control how well we digest (break down) and ingest (absorb) food, hold our gut lining together, prevent food allergies, produce serotonin, affect our mood and behavior, help prevent kidney stones, and play a crucial role in the development and function of the immune system. 

Bacteria can grow in pretty much any environment. Some bacteria can grow in highly acidic environments, some in extreme heat, some under extreme atmospheric pressure (deep in the oceans), and some require no Oxygen to live. We don't want just any micro-organism to settle in in our guts. We want those that will benefit us, not those that will release toxins into our system or cause dis-ease. 

When we take good care of our beneficial microbes, they take good care of us. It's the perfect symbiosis, and our life and health depend on it.

Ultimately, we cleanse to bring our bodies back into balance and provide a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria to set up shop, so they can work synergistically with our bodies to produce optimum health.

Investment: 14-day cleanse $75, 28 day cleanse $125


What's included in the Spring Cleanse:

  • The Introduction - We will cover how the digestive system works, the acid/alkaline balance, epigenetics, the importance of gut microbiome diversity, providing a healthy environment for our microbes, how to gradually go in and come out of the cleanse.
  • Once a week 15-minute phone (or Skype) check-ins with Deniz.
  • A booklet with a shopping guide, wholesome recipes, life-style changes to provide a healthy environment for our gut microbiota, resources and general information on the cleanse. 
  • A Facebook group to check-in and connect with others on the cleanse.
  • E-mail support.
  • Daily reminders and tips.