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Embracing Eros, Vitality and Healthy Disturbance with Irene Tobler and Michael Mervosh

The Impassioned Body-Mind:

Embracing Eros, Vitality and Healthy Disturbance

A Three Day Workshop near Charlottesville, VA

At the Sevenoaks Retreat Center

Sunday, December 11th – Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

 presented by

Michael Mervosh & Irene Tobler

Co-founders of PsychoEnergetics Training Programs

 in United States & Europe


Join us for a dynamic inner adventure to experience your innate vitality, eros and pleasure through the practices of mindfulness, embodiment and presencing, while working with the energizing and elemental theme of enlivening disturbances.

This highly experiential workshop provides participants with an in-depth exploration of our fundamental need as human beings to grow beyond our limiting way of protecting ourselves – which compromises our sense of being alive.  We will offer a deep exploration to discover and recover the zest for life we once had, that can still be accessible to us.


Experience for yourself the Awakened Body Self through our Depth Work

Most of us have learned as children that our exuberance, our joy and our curiosity were not always received well by the adult world, which did not grant us the acceptance and support we needed to express our authentic aliveness.  We adopted strategies to cope, to hold back, and to restrain in exchange for feeling loved and cared for.  We may now, even today, sacrifice vitality, curiosity and eros for the functionalities of daily activities, and thus find ourselves lacking passion.

In this workshop, we provide participants with a meaningful and practical body-mind approach to understanding, working through and healing these human dynamics.   We will look directly into whatever keeps us from stepping into the fullness of our Embodied Vitality and Eros. We will do this through the deep and direct experiencing of the awakening Body Self.


Living systems need to be disturbed in order to change. 

Disturbance comes through the ability of the individual to feel and think differently from others; it allows us to tolerate and accept the vital differences of others;  and it also allows us to bring this different-ness into relationship with people who matter.

As practitioners, the ability to be a disturbing force for another provides the client with a sense of support through being reached, seen and directly engaged, while at the same time encouraging our clients to be challenged, to take risks, and to lean into new potential and possibility, in ways that are unlikely to come from solely within themselves.


Vitalizing Breathwork, Mindfulness Meditations, Embodiment Awakening, & Depth Processes

Throughout this workshop, participants will be introduced to various methodologies of PsychoEnergetics, our uniquely crafted body-mind approach to process work and depth facilitation.

Our work is designed to engage practitioners in the depths of their psyches while having a lived energetic experience in the body.   We do this through embodiment experientials, mindfulness meditations, ‘Presencing’ exercises and depth facilitation dyad sessions.

We will also explore ways to work directly with the Body Self of another, and intervene on the constraining nature of our limiting belief systems.  Most importantly, practitioners will have the opportunity to develop a sense of their own ‘embodied mindfulness’ as a healing presence.


This workshop is for professional practitioners and therapists from various healing modalities, as well as those with a sincere interest in furthering their own personal development.

Workshop cost, including two nights lodging, and six meals:



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