No Plastic in the Office!

No Plastic Office 

Between pens, tape, plastic files/folders, etc, the plastic use and waste that comes out of offices is pretty high. Below are some no-plastic, low waste options.


Here are some Pens and Pencils that you can keep refilling. Stop taking pens from banks, hotels and other random places. The more people take them, the more businesses make them. That's a lot of plastic, and you know it all ends up in the oceans in some poor animals gut, or a different body part. Need a video reminder?

Buying books

We buy mostly used books (my husband also likes audio books). Between the ink used, the chemicals in the paper and the plastic in the cover, books can be quite toxic to the environment. The most "clean" way would be to purchase from a local bookstore that carries used books, if you're not an audio book or kindle lover.

Online - If you're an online orderer and you don't have the time to go to a used bookstore, you can put in the "instructions" section "PLEASE do not wrap in bubble wrap. I don't care if the book gets damaged during transit." We've had some luck with writing this though Amazon is all over the place with their orders... Sometimes they listen, sometimes not. The more people ask for less packaging, I assume, the more they'll pay attention.

Notebooks - I use decomposition books and you can get them in bulk online, and again let them know you don't care if the items get damaged during shipment so they don't wrap them up in plastic.

Art Stuff 

Here are some places where you can find the following items; ScissorsPotato Starch Glue, Cellulose Tape (they work great), Beeswax Crayons, Glob All Natural Paint Pigments.

Other Office Supplies

Bamboo Stapler, Office Paper, Metal Paper Clips and Folder Clips, Cardboard Binders, File Folders,  Eco-Friendly Post-Its *I haven't used these, not sure how well they work but their "sticky" stuff is water based.

Break room

Coffee - Bring your own mug! If, at your office, you have one of those coffee makers that use individual coffee pods to make a serving of coffee, STOP using it. This is what I'm talking about, I think they are called single serve coffee makers? You can suggest getting a drip coffee machine or you can buy a small french press for yourself and keep it at the office with some ground up coffee.

Tea - No need for individually wrapped tea bags. You can get loose organic teas from farms like Free Verse Farm and purchase a metal tea infuser.

Water Fountain/Bottle Station - Way better than bottled water or no water at all. They have water fountains now that both fill up water bottles and also have a front area where you can drink straight from the fountain. Here's one company that makes them. Make sure you bring your own stainless steel water bottle to work.


*I might cover office furniture, electronics, shipping/packing materials and stopping junk mail another day.

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