No Plastic in the Bathroom - Part 3

No Plastic Bathroom Continued...

Hands & Feet

Nails - Nail Brush, Glass Nail FileNail Polish (I don't wear nail polish any more regardless of how "non-toxic" some are advertised to be, because most still require nail polish remover - which I am not a big fan of.) 

Hands & FeetFoot ScrubFoot PowderHand and Body Cream/Lotions, Cuticle Cream, Wooden Cuticle Pusher, Wooden Foot File.

*Any kind of tool you might need for a Mani/Pedi can be bought completely metal - with no plastic bits.

Full Body

Dry Skin Brush, Body ScrubsSoaps, Body Moisturizers, Creams, "Clean" Perfumes (if you must) - Some probably have plastic bits.

*I put shaving related things with "FACE" two days ago, but here's a reminder of where you can find things from straight razors to plastic free shaving soaps.


Deodorant - from Life Without Plastic, light deodorant powder from Chagrin Valley, Sandal wood essential oil*, Kathryn's home-made deodorant from Going Zero Waste, Organic Essence, Lemon - literally rubbing a cut lemon (lemon juice) under your clean armpits works really well for some people, or plain baking soda with a few drops of essential oil.

*True sandal wood essential oil is very expensive. If you find some online that's cheap, it's been diluted. Sandal wood is also over harvested so I've stopped using it but if you already have some at home and want to give it a try, I highly recommend it.