No Plastic Bathroom - Part 2


No Plastic Bathroom - Part 2



Here are some plastic-free hair ties, combs and brushes (here's another brush!)

Shampoo - There's always the option of going "poo-free", but if you're anything like me you're gonna need a little something. Next step up would be to use baking soda and a few drops of essential oil. You can purchase aluminum-free baking soda from the bulk section at a grocery store or you can get it in a cardboard box as opposed to a plastic bag. To wash with it, you first have to get your hair wet, then you can either put baking soda straight on your head or mix it in a jar with water, and add a drop of essential oil. "Work it" into your scalp then rinse with water. You can also rinse with apple cider vinegar (for some shine). 

Another plastic free option would be shampoo bars. Also Kathryn at Going Zero Waste has a dry shampoo recipe.

*Rosemary Gladstar has many amazing books where you can find more recipes. There are more books with other great shampoo and body product recipes but there's a baby sleeping in the office right now so I will have to come back and edit this post later.


Micro-beads - Here is what happens when you wash micro-beads down the drain. 

Face Cream - Here are some whipped butter options. You can also save money and use coconut oil or apricot kernel for your face and body.

Shave - If you shave your face here is a whole list of things you can purchase at Life Without Plastic from razors to shaving cream/soap, shaving brushes to ceramic soap mugs.

Q-tips - Check out this funky thing!  

Make-up - Here are some "clean" make up options, make up removal pads, and sunscreen

Make-up Recipes from Going Zero Waste: Eye liner and Mascara, Lipstick and Blush 

Here are a few more reasons why it's important not only to go plastic free but also chemical and cruelty free; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Private Bits

Periods - If you bleed here are some low/no waste options;

1. Reusable pads 2. Moon Cups 3. Period Underwear 4. Sponges - they're over harvested so I wouldn't use these. 

* Note About Period Underwear - I haven't used these, though they come highly recommended by many friends. I don't know what these underwear are made out of... and I'm not crazy about the idea of wearing something that has plastic in it because every time we wash our clothes, some of the materials get washed down the drain and again end up in the oceans. Some "plastic clothing" I need for camping, so I'd like to limit my use whenever I can. (I am not saying these underwear have plastic in them, I just don't know what they are made out of or what kind of processing they go through.)

 Powder - One of the cleanest products (talc, cornstarch, gluten and synthetic free) that comes without plastic seems to be Chagrin Valley. If you like to or need to powder your private parts, this might be a good option.


Up next: Hands & Feet, Full body and Armpits