No Plastic Bathroom - Part 1

No Plastic Bathroom - Part 1


Toothbrush - So many toothbrush options but MOST are plastic. Even if they are recycled I'd rather use something that will one day go back into the Earth. Here is the most Earth-friendly toothbrush we've found. There are other bamboo toothbrushes but they come with other plastic parts whether it's in the packaging or a certain part of the bristles...

Toothpaste - The best option is to make your own. There are a lot of different recipes out there. Here are some recipes from Wellness MamaGoing Zero Waste, Mommy Potamus and Nourishing Joy.

Tongue cleaner - The one I use has plastic handles but the main piece is stainless steel, but when this one dies (and they do fall apart on you after years of use) I will be buying a  copper tongue cleaner - They're supposed to be the healthiest. If you don't want copper here are other non-plastic options.

Dental Floss - This is a hard one. I am yet to find something that is truly plastic free. There's EcoDent, which uses some plastic on the inside. If you live in Europe here's a German option I stumbled upon on a website. Here's one from Living Without Plastic that comes in a metal tin.

Or you can use a water floss, but my dentist says it's healthier for the gums to use dental floss.


Toilet Paper or Bidet? It's up to you really, whichever you prefer. I grew up in Turkey and we had bidets so the idea doesn't freak me out like it does some people. Now you can order bidets online, on Amazon. Here are a few. Here is how it works; You pee or poop, then you turn the water on - it will come out of a small "hose" directly onto your butt. You wash your butt, turn the water off, dry your butt with a small butt towel you keep in the bathroom, flush, wash your hands with soap, and done! 

They make some bidets where the part the water comes out of goes back into hiding when it's not being used so it stays clean. Some have hot water options - You can get fancy if your butt doesn't like cold water. The ones they sell on Amazon, which you can install yourself, have plastic parts, they aren't all metal or ceramic - But if you're short for space (no room for a full on, separate ceramic bidet) and would not like to keep using more plastic that you throw away every month (plastic that is wrapped around toilet paper), then some sturdy plastic might sound like a good  alternative. 

The other option is Toilet Paper - what most people in the U.S. use. The ONLY toilet paper brand I have been able to find that comes with NO PLASTIC wrap is Seventh Generation 1 or 2 ply T.P. You can order it on Amazon and it comes in a cardboard box with each individual roll wrapped in paper rather than plastic. It's about $105.00 for a box of about 60 rolls. If you don't have space in your home for 60 rolls at once, I suggest meeting some of your neighbors and seeing if they'd like to share an order with you.


Shower Curtain Rings - If you currently have plastic shower curtain rings, no need to change them. But if you move to a new place and need new shower curtain rings, buy metal

Shower Curtain - You can get some that are cottonhemp or linen instead of plastic. The inner lining still probably needs to be some sort of plastic but the outer layer can be whatever you'd like. 

Toilet bowl cleaner - That's A LOT of plastic, but there is a German company that makes it out of wood, ceramic and pig hair, which I think is amazing. We own one of these. The company that sells them in the U.S. runs out of them often so know you might have to wait for one for a few months. 

Plunger - The most eco-friendly plunger I could find was one with a wooden handle and that doesn't come with it's own plastic case. We have a ceramic plate under the plunger.


Up next: Hair, Face and Private bits.