What if There Was No Reward? How Would You Live Then?

Today's human is tired and defeated in the war of consciousness that has been going on for ages. It's enemy has evolved and gotten stronger. Today, we are fighting against an enemy and the forces it controls, that is stronger than it was yesterday. What makes this enemy invincible is the fact that the consciousness, minds and the desires of both the enemy and the one fighting against the enemy are one and the same. For this reason, it is a difficult enemy to point out, display, reveal and fight.

We are just like a country that is fighting more than one war. While wrestling with dis-ease that is invading our bodies, we fall tired with defective thoughts that invade our minds. With damaged bodies created by our physical illnesses or our distorted mental perception and our distorted thoughts threatened by illness, we are creating social systems that do not work and we falter in them. 

This is a hopeless war because we don't have the strength to fight. Our spirit to fight is being taken away from us by the strongest propagation vehicles of the enemy. What is left behind is a weak, submissive, hopeless, helpless human being who has lost it's light and spirit to fight and has agreed to defeat in advance. The biggest propagation of our enemy is making us believe that success is valued with a reward. This is such an addictive and successful war trick that once one becomes addicted to it, one starts believing the meaning of life is the "reward". From that moment on, REWARD carries more importance than anything else; even if it comes from the enemy... And once the enemy becomes the authority that decides on the reward, fighting against that enemy almost becomes impossible. 

With his weakened spirit to fight, today's human is like a poor street dog wagging it's tail eagerly for a reward. Moreover, there are no more personal rewards for him. Rewards are mainstream, easily attainable by anyone who meets a specific expectation. It doesn't matter if the reward is being able to successfully do a yoga asana, or being able to meditate for half an hour, or going to Bali for vacation, or moving to the next level on a game on your smart phone, or getting 'like's for a comment or photo you posted on facebook, they all seem specific to the person but really what a reward is is nothing more than a fake feeling of success that is created in the brain as we feel pleasure triggered by the perception of a reward. 

...unfortunately, people spend their days like hungry ghosts searching for rewards in other people's words, on social media profiles, the body they see in the mirror, the games they play on their smart phones.. For today's human a world without reward is impossible to even consider. For one second if their smart phones, social media platforms, games, televisions or appreciable physical characteristics or mental accomplishments were taken away from them, they wouldn't know what to do. A busy person is a person constantly searching for a reward.

Today's human needs to understand that the strongest propaganda that destroys the spirit to fight is the perception of a REWARD. When this isn't understood, real success, meaning CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY, which honor one's existence, lose their meanings. When the pleasure we feel DURING creativity and originality, switches with the pleasure we feel AFTER a reward, we have become addicts. Just like addicts, our vision gets clouded, our energy becomes depleted, life loses it's meaning and becomes only about the little pleasurable moments due to little rewards and because of this, we have to constantly keep our minds BUSY, which is nothing but the bondage of a war that has been lost. 

No matter how hopeless a war is, it can be won. First we must understand that this is a war where MEANING has been replaced with REWARD, PROCESS has been replaced by the END RESULT, and TRUTH has been replaced by FABRICATION.

If one day, with a real plan, a courageous heart, and a spirit that knows no bondage, we get up and get moving WITHOUT KEEPING BUSY, we will have a chance to win this war. If we don't go into a meaningful effort to NOT BE BUSY, this war will never be won and MEANING will never be found.

Just ask your self one question :

What if there was no reward? How would I live then?

By Cem Şen January 2nd, 2015                                               Translated by Deniz Dinler