(Civilization as we know it is collapsing.)

I was writing a long, explanatory essay but decided not to.
Long essays aren’t understood any more. It’s not just our concentration that’s weak, but also our patience.

Since that’s the case, let me just say it clearly: 
Civilization as we know it is collapsing. All over the world dictatorships are forming. Fear has a hold of humanity. Fear brings with itself violence. When violence is continuous, we get used to it. When we get used to it, it no longer hurts. When it doesn’t hurt, people don’t look for alternatives to harmful situations. 

If a human being doesn’t move a muscle in a situation where his or her life is in danger that is called insanity. 
This insanity, just like in our country (Turkey), is growing in the world.
Influenced by this insanity, we buy that the leaders are going to protect us from dangers.
But in reality, the leaders are also under the same influence. 

Ears can’t seem to hear common sense.

This situation is not going to get any better; it’s going to continue to get worse until civilization, as we know it, ends.
I don’t know if all of humanity will perish, but it’s clear that it needs to change. Civilization, as we know it, is nothing but an illness, a cancer.
Our ignorance is its food, nourishment.
Either we are going to perish and it is not going to be able to feed and therefore die, or we are going to change our understanding and stop feeding it and it’s going to die.
Either way this civilization is going to die. The problem is how it is going to die.
Social establishment is only a dream. 
We need to protect our own light.

Those who are able to hear: Evaluate clearly what exists, but don’t you dare lose your light. Not only is correctly evaluating what exists not pessimism, but protecting the good and having hope is not being delusional.
See all that is happening in plainness and understand it, but protect the good heart and hope.
If you don’t protect the good heart, hope and most importantly kindness and generosity, you are going to become one of the insane ones.
There are two reasons for this disaster: greed and anger. These two are fed by the ignorance of not knowing what is right and what is wrong.
Protect yourself and your mind with generosity and compassion.
Don’t worry, for this darkness is pregnant to an incredible enlightenment.
Keep cleansing your heart and mind.
Get rid of television.
Get rid of your smart phones or only use them when it’s truly necessary. If you can’t do that, just get rid of it all together.
Don’t listen to the news.
Don’t fall for consumption.
Only purchase the right values
Invest in experience and inner progress, not in matter.
Come together with people with good hearts, ones who evaluate correctly and are generous, brave and compassionate.
Come together often, and talk. This will give you the power to get moving.
Have the understanding you would towards a small child when you interact with people who aren’t like this, but don’t keep them in your life.
Let them go because they can easily pull you into the quicksand they are in.
Leave behind the shoulds and the shouldn’ts.
Quit trying to define yourself.
Recognize your need for applause and let it go.
Recognize both your social bribes and the reasons behind it, and let it go.
Do not fall for the image of the leaders and teachers. If you can go beyond your false expectations, remember that you will be able to see their fraudulence. 

Be ordinary. Be spontaneous. Don’t pretend. Don’t try to direct being.
Recognize your stinginess and the fear behind it. Develop your generosity and courage.
Do not criticize or judge. Move into action.
Do not complain. Either accept it or move into action.
Do not point fingers. Forgive and move into action.
Do no stop. Move into action

Note: I know some are going to say this was a long essay.

By Cem Sen March 15th, 2016                                              Translated by Deniz Dinler