Working with Embodiment, Light and Shadow, and Sacred Space.

Exploring deeper connection; the pleasure of owning our power, and surrendering into our Essence.


Each week we will explore a different theme by the way of meditations, experientials and group sharing. The intention for our time together is to practice becoming more embodied, while we deepen our exploration of growing our containers.

The invitation is to explore and bring awareness to our multidimensional human nature, and deepen our connection.

Some Themes We Will Explore

May 3rd: How We Relate - Exploring our defenses and coming into deeper contact.
May 10th: Personal Power - Discovering and owning our power. 
May 17th: The Inner Battle - Navigating our inner conflicts and owning (utilizing) our emotions.
May 24th: Longings - Honoring and connecting to our longings.
May 31st: Essence - Living from our essence and surrendering into who we truly are, beyond our conditioning.

Time: 7pm-9pm Location: Boulder, CO Investment: $40

For more information, please contact Deniz at or Manel at